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Evolutionary Software Systems

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As a software engineering consulting firm, Evolutionary Software Systems has been using generalized programming techniques to develop software that can evolve along with the client's changing business. Our software has always been Y2K compliant. We have been involved in the design, implementation, and installation of sophisticated table driven software for many corporations. We also have been involved in the development and use of data dictionaries, compilers, program generators, and web sites.

In recent years, we've developed application test environments. Because of our extensive experience with software generators, we've been able to automatically generate variable regression test environments, directly from production environments. Initial test data can be automatically captured, directly from the production input files. The system definitions and controls can be automatically generated, directly from the production environment. This is a major improvement to the classical method of hand constructing a test environment and manually sampling production data. We've been able to improve the productivity of our clients' programming staff, by developing automated tools for them.

Evolutionary Software Systems, established in 1979, has long been recognized as a leader in software product development. We helped form the preeminent Software Entrepreneurs' Forum (SEF) in 1983. We have also been in the forefront by representing the software industry on legislative and regulative concerns.

For specialized expertise, a special project, or an elusive problem, we can offer you that technical competence you're looking for. Our primary expertise is in the internal software design of software products. That is, taking the user requirements and providing the software design, architecture, and specifications for programming.

Background in computer science and software engineering provide us with the expertise to apply advanced techniques towards simplifying the most complex problems. Our clients have been impressed with the elegance and simplicity of our designs and the short start up time before delivering results. Whether designing a new retail software product or an in-house application, we build the capability to evolve along with changing requirements, directly into the initial design. Life cycle development methodologies and structured techniques are second nature to us, not just clichés.

If you are involved in the selection of new hardware or software, or need the evaluation of a new product, you may need the perspective that only an independent business representative can offer. We can offer your company the impartial involvement that is difficult to find in-house. When the situation requires an opinion, it will be offered without bias. For help on a temporary basis, for problem solving, design review, or relief of backlogged tasks, we may be just the resource you need.

Take a few moments to read the detailed resume to see how our expertise can help you solve your most elusive software problems. Afterwards, call us at (415) 378-9461. If you have trouble reaching us, you can e-mail us at on the Internet. We are always happy to meet with you to discuss our expertise in detail, and to explain how your company might benefit from that experience.

If we do not have the relevant expertise for your needs, we will let you know up front. Should you desire, we will put you in contact with an associate or a no-cost referral service that will assist you in finding the right consultant. Honesty and integrity are the cornerstones of our code of ethics, and when the project is completed, we are there for any follow-up.


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